About the Lifestyle Facelift in Atlanta

Not everyone displaying the telltale signs of aging requires advanced facelift surgery. Lifestyle facelifts are designed to address the earlier signs of aging while offering faster recovery times in most cases. During this treatment option, double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon Elizabeth Whitaker, M.D., F.A.C.S., utilizes a specialized technique that involves a minimal amount of shorter incisions that are typically located above each ear or in the natural creases around the ear.

Through those small incisions, the skin of the cheeks and lower face is gently lifted and tightened to redefine your jawline and diminish the appearance of age-related jowling. Because it’s a less invasive option as compared to other facelift procedures, lifestyle facelifts are typically performed with only local or general anesthesia with sedation, which typically translates to shorter recovery times. The shorter recovery time is a big draw for people seeking a surgically rejuvenated appearance. After all, you’ve got a “lifestyle” to get back to!

As with all surgical procedures, some bruising and swelling are likely to occur but are generally mild in nature and resolve quickly. Most patients resume their normal activities within about 10 days after surgery. Recovery times will vary, however, due to every procedure being customized to the individual. Dr. Elizabeth will explain the details of what you can expect during your private consultation at Atlanta Face & Body.

Overall, the procedure helps to effectively address the early signs of aging, which results in significantly delaying the need for more invasive surgery in the future. And with more natural-looking outcomes, Dr. Elizabeth helps her patients avoid the undesired “overdone” appearance sometimes seen with unnecessary surgical procedures performed at other practices.

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